About Jamie Dark



I am Jamie Dark, an architect specialising in working on period properties, and I became interested in psychic phenomena during the course of renovating one particular building, quite a while ago now.

Since that time, I have come across all kinds of interesting, hard-to-believe tales of the supernatural, either told to me by friends, or experienced myself.

Another of my interests is in lighting, and I have several shops that sell light fittings and offer lighting design services, all of them called Dark and Light.

Renovating and repairing old houses, the art and beauty of how light can affect spaces, an abiding interest in the paranormal and an interest in the people I come across and the friends I’ve made along the way, means that I hope to lift the lid on some of the things that are what might be called ‘paranormal or psychic phenomena.

I’m not naive, I’m not gullible, and every ghostly tale I come across I subject to rigid practical tests, so that if it can be explained by common sense and logic, I reject it, and won’t waste your time mentioning it here.

However, there are some experiences which cannot be explained by science.  And I am sharing those here.